Friction Free Buying Experience

As a customer, you want a friction-free buying experience from your favorite brands online which is why keeping the customer journey in mind is key. It’s important for e-commerce businesses to reduce friction in their customer’s shopping experience because it will lead to increased sales and conversion rates. The goal behind the online selling process is to remove any obstacles a customer may face, ultimately making the purchasing process easy. The more seamless of a process, the better experience customers will have.

Looking At The Buying Experience From the Customer’s Perspective

Think about if you were a first time customer to your website. In order to do this, you need to first understand who your buyer is and what friction they may face. When you look at the buying experience from their shoes, it helps you to understand what help they may need during the buying process. Being able to identify customer friction points is key during the online shopping journey. Common friction points include:

  • User Experience
    Does your website have a poorly designed interface? If your customers are having a bad user experience on your website, chances are they will not convert due to the inconvenience they experience while trying to make a purchase. This can happen during the searching, shopping, checking out, or return stage. Which means all of your efforts in driving traffic to your website is now wasted. Discover how we can help you create you a lead-generating website.

  • Sales Support
    If a business lacks sales support, many times the online prospect will bounce off of the site due to not having an online chat feature. Many people prefer to do everything online, including chatting with a sales representative about any questions they may have while browsing. Or, some companies may have a customer service line but there’s simply not enough staff to cut down the call time which results in lost sales. No one wants to have to wait a long time while calling customer service.

  • Poor Customer Service
    With any online business, it’s important to hire the right people to represent your brand. These representatives are the face of the business. If you hire representatives that are unpleasant on the phone, chances are this will negatively affect your brand. It’s also important to have the correct training in place to assure your representatives can answer any questions that may come up about your products or services.
  • Customer Reviews
    Does your business have negative reviews? Studies show that 88% trust online reviews when considering a business. Although no business owner wants to have to face negative reviews left about their business, it’s important to act quickly and calmly to stay on top of them. Remember your comments are public and they reflect on your brand so it’s important to proceed with caution and to be as professional as possible. Having a process in place for your team to handle complaints and resolve disputes is ideal.

How To Reduce Customer Friction Points

First things first, in order to make sure your online customers are having a positive online shopping experience, your business needs to identify the problems your online customers may be facing to try and alleviate any friction they may experience.

Is it that your website isn’t user-friendly? Investing in an intuitive user interface is so important. If customers have a hard time navigating the website successfully, they will go to a competitor to get what they need. Your website should be simple, functional, and enjoyable to browse.

Content is another important aspect to not only SEO but to help answer customer’s questions so they can make a more informed decision. One of the main tactics to gaining more traffic to your website is creating content that you know your viewers will find useful. Here are 3 tactics to help get your content noticed. There should also be clear call to actions strategically placed throughout your website to help convert sales.

It’s also important to have a properly trained staff who’s ready to expedite the purchasing process if a customer has questions. Human interaction is important, no matter where technology takes us. Customers want to be heard, and having their questions answered by someone from the company helps guide them to convert.

Having a prominently placed FAQ section on your website is also ideal so customers don’t have to go searching for answers. This instills trust in your company and shows you care and acknowledge commonly asked questions.

Establishing A Relationship After Transaction

If you establish a relationship with your customers after they purchase, you are bound to see more repeat business and referrals. If not, customers can feel unappreciated which would cause them to take their business elsewhere. If your business removes the friction points and gains insight into common customer pain points, it can improve the whole customer experience by knowing what their customers need to complete a purchase.