Maintaining A Positive Online Reputation

Maintaining a positive online reputation is vital to any business since reviews many times influence buyer behavior. Studies show that 88% trust online reviews when considering a business. Let’s face it, no business owner wants to find out that one of their customer’s left a negative review on their Google My Business account. Many times however, it’s been found that fake reviews have been left which is a growing problem for small business owners. With how easy it is to create a new account and leave a review for a business, it’s no surprise someone can leave a review on a business regardless if they’ve actually tried their services. This is unfortunate for many reasons, but mainly because it can affect how you appear in search results.

Whether you search on Google, Yelp, Google Maps, or another source, search is a powerful tool. When you have negative reviews associated with your business, or a lack of reviews, it directly impacts how your business is looked at by prospects. When people sees a low star rating, they are quick to move on to another company.

Typically with smaller businesses, the business owner knows whether or not the negative review is an actual customer because they keep their client base small intentionally therefore they’d know if a paying customer was not happy with their services.

Tips on How To Handle Reviews

When you’re constantly trying to gather more reviews from customers and you receive a negative review, it can be a set back for your business. The best thing to do to alleviate getting any negative reviews is to provide exceptional customer service to try and cut down on any potential negative reviews. After all, someone can’t complain if they feel your company exceeded their expectations. No matter what though, there’s always going to be those people that leave negative (or in some cases fake) reviews. What you need to realize is that these things happen, and there are things you can try to get them to do to change their review to be more positive.

First things first, when you get any kind of negative review, it’s important to act quickly and calmly to stay on top of them. Remember your comments are public and reflects on your brand so it’s important to proceed with caution and to be as professional as possible. Having a process in place for your team to handle complaints and resolve disputes is ideal. We always like to suggest these following steps:

  1. First, assess the review
  2. Confirm it’s a real person who utilized your services
  3. Respond within 24 hours
  4. Resolve the issue by providing contact information so you can look into it further and communicate with the upset customer
  5. After offering a solution to resolve the situation, let the customer know they’re able to change their review if they feel your team resolved the issue

Being the bigger person and staying professional by trying to fix the complaint they had on your business is important. Just remember, if handled correctly, you can take a bad situation and turn it into a good one! They have the ability to take their negative feedback and turn it into a positive result should they choose.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to maintain your online reputation via reviews, social media, etc. feel free to reach out to our team at Search And Be Found. We’d be happy to help you gain the positive brand recognition you deserve. Contact us today!