IoT Takes Convenience To A New Level

In the world of digital marketing, it’s important for businesses to stay up to date with technology. Connected devices and the rise of data is starting to change businesses. Consumers want what is convenient, and IoT takes convenience to a whole new level. As consumers, we’re now accustomed to pretty much everything being on-demand (music, movies, food, etc). Simply put, the internet of things (AKA “IoT”), is a system of interrelated technical devices that have the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. The purpose of these IoT solutions is to be able to connect objects to the cloud, ultimately enabling objects to “talk” to each other.

IoT’s Impact On Digital Marketing

IoT has a huge impact on digital marketing because data is becoming essential to have at marketers fingertips. The amount of consumer data is rising with the number of connected devices. Devices collect information which can then help marketers understand their consumers. More and more, businesses in various industries are using IoT to operate their teams more efficiently to better understand their customer base, make sure they’re delivering enhanced customer service, improve their decision-making processes, and to overall increase the value of the business they’re in.

Growth of IoT Connected Devices

By next year, we expect to see 20 billion IoT connected devices reaching up to 75 billion in the next 5 years, with IoT things outnumbering humans 4-to-1. This creates new dynamics for not only marketing but sales and customer service. Additionally, more than 1/2 of new business systems and processes will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things, whether small or large.

How To Reap the Benefits of IoT

There are many ways that SMBs can leverage the power of this technology. Chances are, if you’re a small or midsize business, you’re more than likely using IoT technology already. Many SMBs use mobile devices to manage their business with IoT devices that connect to a smartphone to process payments. For example, if you use a square reader to accept payments, you’re using an IoT device since it connects and shares its data via the internet. Or, perhaps you’re using a digital assistant for your business, such as Alexa, Google Home, or a WiFi thermostat to save money. When IoT is integrated into a business’s day-to-day processes, it helps to monitor and improve operations. Here are some ways you can reap the benefits of IoT:

    1. Resolve Multitasking Issues
      Internet of things can be a lifesaver for your business. You can utilize cloud-based team collaboration software tools and online services to communicate better. IoT devices help aid SMBs through apps, video conferencing, and interactive whiteboards. Some businesses find that by incorporating Siri and other IoT assistants like Google Assistant, it adds productivity and efficiency to workdays, and in many cases, saves time and effort. You can connect these assistants with calendars, task management systems, and reminders all at your fingertips on your smartphone. These devices help eliminate menial tasks and make your day more efficient.
    2. Store Your Data On The Cloud
      To alleviate having to pay for an expensive server, many businesses save their data on the cloud. There are many different cloud services for business which manage data remotely and is available over a network (typically the Internet).
    3. Monitor Your Competitors
      IoT platforms help us to better understand customer’s buying habits, so businesses can create a more personalized approach to their marketing tactics than their competitors such as better targeted advertisements, and promotions.
  1. IoT Makes Marketing Smarter

    Bottom line is, nothing is unmarketable. Smart marketing connects data to online devices. With the internet driving much of our everyday behavior, and with IoT boosting the reach of marketing, marketers can be efficiently targeting their offerings to what consumers want. Both industry professionals and everyday consumers have a lot to gain for years to come thanks to IoT.