More than likely, your email marketing tools already work with AI in ways you’re unaware of. While email marketing may not be as exciting as other options in digital marketing, it’s still proven to be one of the most popular methods of marketing and offers an impressive ROI. Did you know that email marketing in the United States has a median ROI of 122%? That’s 4x higher than other channels of marketing like social media, direct mail, and paid search. While technology continues to advance, we still continue to read emails. Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken email marketing to another level and has expanded what we can achieve through email marketing like driving higher sales and conversion rates. AI also helps to analyze consumer behavior making emails easier to fine-tune, and custom tailor to individual subscribers.

3 Ways AI Helps Influence Email Marketing

  • Subject Lines
    Subject lines are one of the most important parts of your email strategy. Making sure subject lines are right for your particular audience isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but AI makes it easier by using algorithms to generate email subject lines through natural language technology to attract higher CTR (Click-through rates). Over time, it analyzes email marketing campaign history to improve and optimize these subject lines to assure engagement from the audience.
  • Segmentation
    Everyone’s interests and behaviors are different which is why segmenting email recipients into different groups is important and is possible through the data subscribers provide when they sign up. AI helps marketers dynamically group subscribers on specific behavioral signals. Relevant emails help to drive revenue, and segmentation makes sure you’re sending the right information to interested users which facilitate conversions.
  • Send Time
    Through AI, it’s possible to learn when each subscriber is likely to open an email. If you pick the wrong time, your email could Predictive analysis allows for automated send times based on past email behaviors and interactions.

AI’s Role in Marketing

All of these benefits help to make processes faster and more efficient, although there is still so much untapped potential in the world of email marketing. Thankfully AI allows us to automate processes such as verifying, collecting, and organizing data all while improving the effectiveness of email campaigns and reducing the time spent on them. That alone is worth the investment. Although AI plays a big role in marketing and making it more efficient, Marketing still needs marketers since no amount of technology can replace human creativity and thinking.