Whether your business is product or service based, it’s important to keep in touch with your customers as a small business. Email campaigns have been proven to be one of the most successful channels of marketing and is an inexpensive but effective way to grow businesses. Having quality emails sent to your recipient list offers a lot of advantages.

Effective emails can:

– Grab prospects attention
– Deliver targeted messages
– Drive revenue

How to Create An Effective Email

First things first, you need to have effective and appropriate content for your audience. Prospects only provide their email address if they think your company has value to them. So, think about the demographics of your customers and their overall buyer persona when compiling content. What would you like to read if you were a customer of your business? As a business, you need to create content that people care about, and that caters to their lifestyle and interests. Showcasing how your business can provide a solution is key.

Run A Promotion, Contest, or Giveaway

A fun way to get your customers involved in your emails is to run a promotion and/or contest on your products/services, or promote a giveaway. Giveaways are many times successful for small businesses since it serves as a way to promote their business. You could reference something along the lines of “Share this post for a chance to win…” It’s amazing what a specific giveaway product can do for your business. For example, a business may do a giveaway for a Yeti cooler filled with branded swag in the summer. Not only is this promoting their brand, but another reputable brand that everyone knows and loves. Inside of the cooler, you can have coordinating items such as a branded t-shirt, sunglasses, and a beach towel. Although it’s a bit of an investment up front, you’re bound to get your name out there and more potential business.

Utilize Social Media in Conjunction

If you send an email, it’s important to include Social Media sharing buttons to extend the reach of your audience. By simply adding social sharing buttons, it improves click-through rates up to 158%! Additionally, it helps attract new potential customers as a reader may share it with their co-workers, family or friends which opens up more opportunity to grow your recipient list. It’s also important to note that it improves your SEO ranking considering the more shares lead to more traffic and links to your website, thus improving the chances of ranking higher in search results. Last but not least, it improves your customer experience. If a current customer likes the content in the email, they can simply share it with a click of a button versus having to copy the link separately to share. This makes sharing your information easy.

Utilizing Email Fundamentals

At the end of the day, building emails shouldn’t be a daunting task, it should be fun! Emails are meant to attract people through content, and by utilizing the right platforms, it will set your business up for great success.