Think About How People Find You

Is SEO your primary marketing channel? It should be. No matter what size business you work for or run, every business that operates online can benefit from Search Engine Optimization in one way or another. Think about how to reach the modern consumer nowadays. More than likely, you thought of searching Google for what you’re looking for because it’s quick and easy and can be performed from your smartphone. Once you complete your search, the website you click on pulls relevant information to the user’s search query. The first place that potential customers find out about you is online which is why you need to have an optimized site, otherwise you don’t exist in their minds because you simply don’t show up in their searches which is lost opportunity for your business.

Why SEO Deserves A Place In Your Marketing Budget

There are so many reasons why SEO deserves a place in your marketing budget. Did you know that 51% of all website traffic comes from organic search? 10% is from paid search, 5% for social, and 34% for other sources. SEO should be at the foundation of your brand and online presence. Based off of the way search engines are continually developing, it’s safe to say that SEO will only continue to grow in popularity over time. Not to mention, it can provide substantial traffic growth and brand visibility in a cost-effective way, in addition to helping build your brand awareness which will ensure business establishment long-term in the online marketplace.

The Importance of Online Lead Generation

At Search & Be Found, we understand the importance of lead generation on the overall revenue of your business. Companies need to make a profit in order to stay in business, and we realize that in order to make a profit they need to offer products and services that customers demand. We can help you piece together the required elements to not only showcase your products and/or services but to make sure your website works effectively as a lead generation tool to convert more prospects for your business, online.

If implemented correctly, SEO can efficiently deliver more leads vs. traditional marketing tactics. This is because SEO can boost your site’s search ranking for content using targeted keywords, then when prospects search for those keywords, they’ll find you and if your content meets their criteria, you’ll have the chance to convert those visitors into leads which means sales for you.

How Are You Tracking Your Leads?

Are you tracking your marketing efforts currently? They say that if you can measure it, you can improve it. Without measuring your leads appropriately, you’re missing out on sales. Forbes referenced a study that only 27% of leads ever get contacted, but have the potential to contact around 92% of leads with the combination of best practices, technology, and awareness. Worse yet, the same studies revealed that 35% to 64% of those leads never got a callback. If you’re not currently referencing how many leads are converting each month, it’s hard to decipher where your business can improve. We utilize the latest technology to assure we are providing you with numbers you can grow off of.

Measurement Is Critical To Success

In SEO, measurement is critical. Our team tracks data about rankings, links, referrals, and overall analyzes our client’s strategies consistently to create roadmaps for success. If you haven’t implemented SEO into your current marketing plan, you should definitely give it a try. We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised by how it can make your business thrive in today’s competitive online market, and will be glad you invested in it. Contact us to get a quote!